The pursuit of fatherhood from fathers outside the home




There is a cause that has the power to change the course of our society, heal the ills of our communities, and determine future of our very existence. It is a cause of great significance, but its significance is being weakened by the prison system, capitalism, social genocide, irresponsibility, and absenteeism. Yet the power of this cause remains unmatched, unmistakable, and irreplaceable; its effects are certain and irrefutable.

 I am the author of a book entitled ‘WHO’S YOUR DADDY?', it is not just another book about how to be a father but rather a book about fatherhood. But first and foremost I am the proud father of three beautiful, bright, and gifted girls. FATHERHOOD IS THE MISSING LINK AND IS VITAL, IF WE’RE SERIOUS ABOUT SOLVING SOCIAL, COMMUNAL, AND ECONOMICAL DEPRIVATION. We can balance budgets, start new programs, even infuse jobs into our communities; but until we have a campaign that will inspire fathers to get involved in the lives of their children we are only building on sand. When men cleave to fatherhood as much as we do our social, political, & religious agendas, only then will we secure a future for our children and our communities.  It is all about loving and being involved with the greatest blessing that God could give to any man or woman_our children.